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Exported to New Zealand

Aust Ch/NZ Ch Leesway Just Magic
NZ Ch Wlkabout Hi Dancer
NZ Ch Wlkabout Iced Magic
Silvanwood A New Horizon
NZ Ch Wlkabout Knight Flame
Sasin Bravo Grey Hawk (iid)
Aust/NZ Ch Wlkabout Pepmint Coolice
NZ Ch Sasin C Markdby Class
Wlkabout Star Avenger
NZ Ch Leesway Ebb and Flo
Leesway Mandys Rogue
Leesway Blue Mist
NZ Ch Leesway Snow Nice
Aust Ch Sugargum Top Secret
Sugargum Top OfThe Range
NZ Ch Sugargum TopHat N NoTail
Aust/NZ Ch Lombardy Lumbee
Leesway Such An Affair
Leesway Tried N True
Hevnsent Prime Perennial (iid)
Silvanwood The Fugative CDX
Dezignerz Mark My Words
NZ Ch Sugargum Mdnite Bandit
Aust Ch Mistique Trail Blazer CDX
NZ Ch Tuscamada Oz To Kiwiland
Wlkabout Lefilue Bridget AD
Keelinga Fair Blue (iid)
NZ Ch Willabaa Copper Boots
Sasin Northn GypsyDancer
NZ Ch Cuebiyar Leap O Faith
Aust/NZ Gr Ch Leesway Scene Stealer
NZ Ch Sugargum LAPD MostWanted
Hytop Iron Heart
Aust/NZ Ch Gemmells Seabiscuit (imp USA)
Roadsend KD Keep Kissing
NZ Ch Tuscamada Im A Kiwi Girl
NZ Ch Rozate Hitchikers Guide
NZ Ch Sasin Simply Reckless
Aust Ch Rozate Shameless Minx
Comeby Funky Diva
NZ Ch Sugargum Dumas Dartagnan
Am/Aust/NZ Ch Alnairs The Guardian (imp USA)
NZ Ch Cuebiyar Powder Monkey (iid)
Cuebiyar CaptJackSparrow (iid)
Rozate Top Gun
Comeby Peoples Princess
Waikikamukau Final Scandal
Lanbart Goddess of the Hunt (AI)
Aust Ch Lanbart Captain America
Copperwing Jillaroo
Aust Ch Maisilva Rising Empire
Mysql Vice Versa at Ellagant

Exported to China

Aust/Chinese Ch Myriahill Wagon Master
Chinese Ch Tsekoa Black Russian
Aust Sup Ch Borderton Man In Blue

Exported to Hong Kong

Silvanwood Even The Odds
Cuebiyar Heart N Soul
Cuebiyar The Dragon Reborn
Ngalla Au Revoir

Exported to Japan

Aust Ch Tillsun Teachers Pet
Wlkabout Total Eclipse
Wlkabout UpToMischief
Hytop Quick Silver
Hytop Silver Jubilee
Silvanwood Fei Lando
Silvanwood Angel N Black
Wylie Cruisin The Orient
Wlkabout River Kai
Dykinta Raging River
Maisilva Aolani Sonic Mirage

Exported to New Caledonia

Wlkabout Luck Be A Lady
Wlkabout ATouch Ov Class
Dtayld Cochu Tail Gaiter
Roadsend LD Roustabout
Wlkabout Casanova
Macys Ruff Hombre
Kyambel Devil Wears Black
Rozate Chanel Number Five
Flatout Hot Topic
Sanpasho Roses Are Red

Exported to Norway

NuCh NV-07 Cuebiyar TheOneThatIWant
NuCh NV-08 NV-12 Cuebiyar Soul Patrol
Aussietrolls Vivache

Exported to Singapore

Aust Ch Ripkurle Boomerang AD JD ET
Sanpasho Red Rules
Wlkabout Up In The Clouds

Exported to South Africa

Sth Afr Ch Lucratif Kitty Hawk
Sth Afr Ch Lucratif Mis AmericanPie
Cuebiyar ExecutivJustice CDX CGC

Exported to Sweden

Sugargum Star Performer
SVCH HevnSent Willy Wagtail

Exported to Taiwan

Mazasuka Rogue River
Borderton Fire On The Bayou (AI)

Exported to Thailand

Tillsun Forget Me Not

Exported to the United Kingdom

Aust Ch Kaasha Dazzling Edition
Kaasha Make No Mistake
Rozate The Great Dictator RN PT FSN

Exported to the USA

Aust Ch Sasin Bravo Blue Star (iid)
Silvanwood Sthern Belle
Inneslake ImA Rogue
Aust Ch Borderton Diego Garcia
Am Ch Sasin Kooji Dream Time
Rozate Tangld Up In Blue
Roadsend Indigo Queen